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Version 1.0.0 January 2nd, 2023 Ecomify Theme
Version 1.0.0 January 2nd, 2023
  • [NEW] Quantity Break feature in the product form
  • [Fixed] Product form input qty should have plus/minus buttons
  • Added Option to disable animations on scroll
  • [Fixed] Product form input qty should have plus/minus buttons
  • [Fixed] Lazy load vendor styles, wherever it is possible
  • [Fixed] The main content get faded when navbar dropdowns get opened
  • [Fixed] Small fixes for color swatches in product list items
  • [Fixed] No option to disable the newsletter section
  • [Fixed] Added color option for demo purposes
Version 2.0.0 January 21, 2023
  • [NEW] Bundle Builder - new feature
  • [NEW] Support for Purchase Options (Subscription option)
  • Swatches in product list items must obey to text-align setting
  • [Fixed] The newsletter popup should have the placeholder image when first installed
  • [Fixed] The featured Products section should have a collection set
  • [Fixed] Support for Shop Pay Installments
  • [Fixed] Size buttons inside collection filters can be styled as buttons
  • [Fixed] Swatches popover does not init after ajax change on the collection page and recommended products section
  • [Fixed] Container settings for various sections/templates
  • [Fixed] Hover the setting along with the current image gallery for product list items, users can choose
  • [Fixed] Cards section issues with dark bg colors
  • [NEW] Dark theme issues mobile menu and close buttons in modal
  • [Fixed] Structured Data Support for the F.A.Q section
  • [Fixed] Latest Articles section
  • [NEW] Switch to section groups
  • [NEW] Color swatches helper file generator feature
  • [Fixed] Various small fixes and further improvements in the code
  • [NEW] Recharge Compatibility
Version 2.1.0 Feb 5th 2023
  • [NEW] Image Compare - section
  • [NEW] Image List - section
  • [NEW] MP4 video - section
  • [NEW] Price Range slider feature for the collection filters
  • [NEW] Animated Stories - new section
  • [New] Icon Blocks new section
  • [Fixed] Icon Blocks Fix hover when a single image
  • License system
  • [NEW] Hover option for navbar menu items (only if accessibility is in place)
  • [Fixed] Product items review badges within a snippet
  • [Fixed] Megamenu alignment with few columns
  • [Fixed] Page content section-new section for pages only
  • [Fixed] Truncate product list item title fixes in the Upsell Modal feature in the PDP
  • [Fixed] Extra characters in the product form options escaped
  • [Fixed] Desktop navbar menu items have better line height when 2 rows
  • [Fixed] Icon align setting for the icons Block section
  • [Fixed] Various small fixes and further improvements in the code
Version 2.2.0 February 20th, 2023
  • [NEW] Support for 3d models in the product media gallery (glb format)
  • [NEW] TikTok Slider
  • [NEW] Carousel section support for video slides
  • [Fixed] Console error if the hash is present on other pages
  • [Fixed] Indicators style naming bug in the carousel section
  • [Fixed] Stories should have sample image data on the install
  • [NEW] Setting to control sale badge color and visibility for product list items
  • [Fixed]Layout option for the navbar section, (mobile only)
  • [NEW] Advanced contact form with options to select fields
  • [ Fix ]TikTok Slider should play/pause video on slide change based on the slide in view
Version 2.3.0 March 17th, 2023
  • [NEW] Quiz Feature
  • [NEW] Upload Image on Product Page
  • [NEW] Custom Properties in the Product Form (Personalizations)
  • [NEW] Support for image focal points
  • [FIX] Improved blog articles
  • [FIX] Improved instagram section
  • Add "shopify_attributes" to each block for the new theme inspector
  • Design improvements for the Frequently Bought Together feature (desktop only)
  • Small fixes for the Sticky ATC in the PDP
  • Whole links for carousel slide images
  • Color swatches option to select either swatch images or variant
  • Product media gallery option
Version 2.4 TBA
  • [New] Single Product
  • Setting to enable the lightbox gallery mode in the product media gallery
  • [FIX] Shop pay shows up twice on PDP
  • Support multiple color swatches at same time
  • Latest articles- slide on mobile
  • Image display setting for the Article section
  • [FIX]Testimonial section- option to display star count
  • [NEW] Delivery option on PDP form
  • Intent option for recommended products section
  • [NEW] support for multiple color swatches at the same product form
  • [FIX] Variant images for color swatches in bundle builder collection
  • [NEW] Image option to the accordion section
  • [NEW] Display store availability options ( local pickup)
  • Recommend Products through Search & Discovery
  • [NEW] Shipping Calculator Feature in Cart Drawer