Shopify Sections and Sections 2.0 are features within the Shopify platform that provide greater flexibility and control over the design and layout of Shopify storefronts.

Shopify Sections

Shopify Sections is a feature introduced to simplify the customization of online stores. It allows merchants to easily drag and drop different content 'sections' onto their store's pages, offering a more user-friendly approach to designing and organizing a site. This feature made it possible for store owners to create unique layouts without needing extensive coding skills.

Sections 2.0

Sections 2.0 is an enhancement of the original Shopify Sections, providing even more flexibility and capabilities. Launched with the aim of offering better customization options, Sections 2.0 extends the drag-and-drop functionality to every page of a store, not just the homepage.

With Sections 2.0, merchants can now add, move, and configure sections on product pages, collection pages, and custom pages, offering a more cohesive design experience. It also encourages the use of 'blocks,' which are individual elements within a section that can be added and rearranged independently.

Sections 2.0 facilitates a more intuitive building experience, making it more accessible to those without technical expertise, and allowing a greater degree of creativity in store design. This update ensures a more uniform design experience across the whole site, promoting brand consistency and enhancing the overall user experience.

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