To disable the off-canvas cart in your Shopify theme, you need to edit the theme's code. Follow these steps:

  1. Access the Shopify Theme Code Editor:

    • Log in to your Shopify admin panel.

    • Go to 'Online Store' and then 'Themes'.

    • Find the theme you want to edit and click 'Actions', then select 'Edit code'.

  2. Edit the theme.liquid File:

    • In the code editor, locate the theme.liquid file. This is usually found under the 'Layout' folder.

    • Open the theme.liquid file for editing.

  3. Locate the Off-Canvas Cart Code:

    • Scroll to around line 90 in the theme.liquid file. The exact line number may vary depending on your theme.

    • Look for the following block of code at the bottom:

{% liquid
    render 'offcanvas-cart'
    render 'offcanvas-search'
    render 'currency-selector'

Disable the Off-Canvas Cart:

  • Modify this section of code by commenting out the render 'offcanvas-cart' line. To comment it out, add a hash symbol (#) at the beginning of the line. The modified code should look like this:

{% liquid
    # render 'offcanvas-cart'
    render 'offcanvas-search'
    render 'currency-selector'

Save the Changes:

  • After making the changes, click 'Save' to update the theme code.

Please note, only make edits to the code if you are proficient and comfortable with Shopify's theme code editing. Be aware that Ecomgraduates reserves the right to charge for fixing any bugs or issues that arise from modifications not done by our team. Your understanding and attention to this matter are greatly appreciated.

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