If your store showcases products where some have color or variant swatches and others don't, you might notice an inconsistency in the alignment of the 'Add to Cart' button. To ensure a uniform and professional look across all your product listings, please follow the steps below to align the 'Add to Cart' button consistently:

Open snippets/product-item.liquid in the code 

Find around line 144

 {% if swatches %}
Replace it with:

{% if swatches == nil %}
      <div style="height: 28px" class="mb-5"></div>
  {% else %}

end result:

Please note, only make edits to the code if you are proficient and comfortable with Shopify's theme code editing. Be aware that Ecomgraduates reserves the right to charge for fixing any bugs or issues that arise from modifications not done by our team. Your understanding and attention to this matter are greatly appreciated.

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