To format the currency for your store in Shopify, you can follow these steps:

  1. Accessing General Settings:

  2. Currency Formatting:

    • Once in the General Settings, look for the "Store currency" section.

    • Click on "Change formatting" or a similar option to access the currency formatting settings.

  3. Editing Currency Format:

    • In the currency formatting section, you'll find different fields to format how the currency is displayed on your store. These fields usually include formats for:

      • HTML with currency (e.g., $10.00 USD)

      • HTML without currency (e.g., $10.00)

      • Email with currency

      • Email without currency

    • Here, you can customize how the price will be displayed in different contexts (like on the product page, in emails, etc.).

  4. Removing Bugs or Spans:

    • If you notice any bugs or unnecessary HTML tags (like <span> tags) in the currency formatting fields, remove them.

    • Ensure that the format is clean and as per your preference. For example, you might want your currency to be displayed simply as "$10.00" or "10.00 USD", depending on your preference.

  5. Saving Changes:

    • After making the desired changes, save your settings.

  6. Testing:

    • It's a good practice to check your store frontend after making changes to ensure that the currency is displayed correctly on your product pages and throughout the site.

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