This guide provides instructions on how to customize the appearance of the shopping cart icon, specifically focusing on the circle that indicates the number of items in the cart. The goal is to change the background color of this circle while keeping the number itself transparent.


Before proceeding, ensure you have access to your website's CSS files, specifically the custom.css file. This guide assumes a basic understanding of CSS and how to edit it within your site's framework.


  1. Locate the CSS File:

    • Navigate to your site's CSS directory and locate the custom.css file. This file is typically used for custom styling overrides.

  2. Modify the Cart Icon Style:

    • We will be modifying the .cart-icon .badge class. This class controls the appearance of the badge that shows the number of items in the cart.

    • Open the custom.css file in your preferred text editor.

  3. Add the Custom CSS Code:

    • Copy and paste the following code into the custom.css file. This code changes the background color of the cart icon's badge to a specific orange (#F06316) and sets the color of the number to transparent.

.cart-icon .badge {
    background: #F06316 !important;
    color: transparent !important;
  1. Save Your Changes:

    • After adding the code, save the changes to the custom.css file.

  2. Upload the Modified File (if necessary):

    • If you edited the file locally, upload the modified custom.css file back to your site's CSS directory, replacing the old version.

  3. Review Your Changes:

    • Navigate to your website and refresh the page. You should now see the cart icon's badge in orange, with the number itself remaining transparent, providing a visually distinctive look while maintaining readability and design consistency.

Additional Notes

  • The !important declaration is used to ensure that these style changes override any other conflicting styles set by the website's theme or other CSS files.

  • If you do not see the changes immediately, try clearing your browser's cache or check the site in a different browser to ensure the new styles are applied.

This customization enhances the visual appeal of your shopping cart icon, making the cart notice more prominent and aligned with your site's color scheme.

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