GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE - Missing field "priceValidUntil"

The "Missing field 'priceValidUntil'" warning refers to a specific piece of information that is expected but not found within the structured data of a webpage.

  1. What It Is: The "priceValidUntil" field is used to indicate the date until which a price for a product or service is valid. This can be particularly important for e-commerce websites or any site that lists products with special offers or discounts that have an expiration date.

  2. Why It's Important: Including this field helps search engines like Google understand the validity of the price. It may contribute to how the information is displayed within search results, enhancing the user experience by providing more accurate and timely information.

  3. The Warning: If you see a warning in Google Search Console about a missing "priceValidUntil" field, it means that this piece of information is expected within the structured data of the page but is not found. This could be because the field is indeed missing, or there may be an issue with how the structured data is implemented.

The ranking or traffic will remain unaffected.

Google provides warnings for elements it suggests you include if possible. If you haven't specified expiration dates for your product prices, simply disregard the warning.

The same applies to reviews. If you don't have any reviews, disregard the warning. If you do have reviews, it would be advantageous to mark them up.

Including SKU and global identifiers can be beneficial. However, if your product lacks them, feel free to disregard the warning.

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