If your swatches are displaying like this or this

The code in the product-item.liquid file was modified to include a loading="lazy" tag, which is actually unnecessary because the code is dynamically generated. However, if there's a need to add tags, single quotes should be used.

The modification made to the product-item.liquid file involved adding a loading="lazy" tag, an action deemed unnecessary due to the dynamic nature of the code generation in this context. The loading="lazy" attribute, typically used to defer the loading of offscreen images until they are needed, may not offer benefits in this scenario where content is dynamically created and managed. This might lead to a misunderstanding of the attribute's utility or its impact on performance.

However, in situations where additional modifications or the inclusion of tags is essential, it's recommended to adhere to the use of single quotes. This not only ensures consistency in coding practices but also aligns with standard conventions in many programming languages, potentially reducing errors and improving code readability. Adhering to this guideline can enhance maintainability and make future modifications or debugging processes more straightforward.

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