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This page maintains a record of all modifications made to the theme up to this point. It's important to be aware that, according to our update policy, we can manually implement a crucial bug fix to your theme (a crucial bug fix is a problem that completely halts the operation of your store). However, we do not incorporate any new features that might be introduced over time into older themes.

We highly recommend that all of our buyers regularly review the change logs for the theme they have purchased. This will help you get the most out of your purchase and ensure that you are using the best possible version of the product. If you have any questions or need assistance with a particular update, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Version 3.4 TBA+


[NEW] Pricing Bundle Plans [NEW] Deselect option in the quantity breaks feature When using the "buy more and save" feature, a customer cannot go back to the ability to only ad 1 product with the offer. As soon as one of the "buy more and save" buttons is selected, it can't be unchecked to only add one. [NEW] Position settings mobile/desktop for the Go-to-top button [NEW] Discount Display section [NEW] Product switcher in the product form (like variant switcher) [NEW] Rich Text with Buttons [NEW] Top bar nav- desktop view [NEW] Free gift notice block in PDP [NEW] image option for password page [NEW] Dual Column With Image


[ENHANCEMENT] Automatically play videos in the product media gallery [ENHANCEMENT] Allow Closable Announcement Bar- Desktop only - setting and also through a cookie that expires in one day [ENHANCEMENT] Infinite pagination trigger option by scroll or click [ENHANCEMENT] single product- image stays sticky on scroll - desktop


[FIX] single product - bug with reverting always to black variant [FIX] Alert colors in settings do not work on the alert buttons

Version 3.3.1 March 26, 2024

New [NEW] Media with text section [NEW] Allow Liquid/Html Code inside Accordion [NEW] Allow Liquid/Html Code inside product tabs section [NEW] Allow Liquid/Html Code inside single product


[ENHANCEMENT] Setting to auto invert logo [ENHANCEMENT] bg gradient settings advanced image with text [ENHANCEMENT] Advanced accordion updates:

  • added bg settings including gradient

  • animation settings

  • image blur settings

  • inherit border radius


[FIX] Contact form checkboxes come through [FIX] Sync quantity fields between the Product form and the Sticky ATC [FIX] Allow for a mega menu in the right side of the navbar [FIX] bug when viewing on a smaller device. for advanced accordion [FIX] looping in video carousel settings

Version 3.3 March 21, 2024


[NEW] Tabs section on PDP [NEW] Wave section [NEW] Free product upsell option in the cart goal feature [NEW] progress counters [NEW] Tracking Page [NEW] Advanced image with text [NEW] Discount bar section [NEW] brand icon photo above product title [NEW] image with text carousel [NEW] hamburger nav option [NEW] Split Navigation Menu option [NEW] Scrolling text section [NEW] Tab FAQ content [NEW] Variant switcher selector feature for the cart line items [NEW] Accept Terms of Service checkbox in the cart drawer and cart page [NEW] Newsletter block options in the footer section [NEW] Blur setting for the navbar section [NEW] "Go to top" button in the footer section [NEW] FAQ Widget [NEW] Rich Text With Image [NEW] html/liquid code block option in footer [NEW] product page image full screen option on mobile [NEW] Product progress section [NEW] Advanced Accordion [NEW] Social Cards [NEW] Option to show the total price instead of item price in quantity breaks feature [NEW] Add Breadcrumbs to Collection Lists, Pages, Blogs

Enhancements [ENHANCEMENT] Improve design for the Shopify Subscriptions app block [ENHANCEMENT] restyle shipping protection [ENHANCEMENT] Font-size settings for the accordion product block [ENHANCEMENT] Ship protection enhancement [ENHANCEMENT] Nav Bar hamburger menu to hide the menu label [ENHANCEMENT] product text block enhancements [ENHANCEMENT] Setting to display the testimonial block below the product gallery on PDP [ENHANCEMENT] leverage what shopify offers for the currency converter/ language [ENHANCEMENT] Rich text animation options [ENHANCEMENT] Change the position for the wishlist buttons within the product items [ENHANCEMENT] Carousel text-align setting for captions [ENHANCEMENT] menu items category name option to be clickable [ENHANCEMENT] Change title/subtitle position in mobile for the "Advanced image with text" section [ENHANCEMENT] Newsletter block options in the footer section [ENHANCEMENT] Contact us left and right image option [ENHANCEMENT] Trust badges in pdp should be of an image type [ENHANCEMENT] Option to show the total price instead of item price in quantity breaks feature

Fixes [FIX] Font size settings for the title and description items in the FAQ (accordion) section [FIX] File input is not getting the light color setting [FIX] show login options in the header- bug- reversed [FIX] Animation settings for the Animated Stories [FIX] filter bar- grey scroll on the bottom [FIX] filter bar- grey scroll on the bottom

Version 3.2 January 31 2024


[NEW] Loop settings for videos in the carousel section [NEW] quantity selector - above the add to cart option [NEW] Multi Block [NEW] Min order threshold settings for the cart [NEW] Shipping protection checkbox [NEW] Video thumbnail setting for the External Video section [NEW] 3D buttons style through global theme settings [NEW] Prevent users from right clicking or to select text (shop protect) [NEW] Fetch priority in carousel [NEW] Collection filters within the content in desktop view [NEW] Guest/Members visibility options for various sections [NEW] Show cart upsells within the menu drawer [NEW] Full screen support video for the Animated Stories section [NEW] Threads social link option [NEW] Show first variant image [NEW] Rivyo reviews - styling [NEW] Pricing plans - section [NEW] Refactor Currency/Language switcher in the mobile and desktop view [NEW] Top progress bar on blog article [NEW] Background transparent hover effect

Enhancements [ENHANCEMENT] Offcanvas search is not closing when adding a product in the cart from it [ENHANCEMENT] Loop settings for videos in the carousel section [ENHANCEMENT] Automatically check option availability in the variant selector, pdp [ENHANCEMENT] Testimonial section support for Facebook styled reviews [ENHANCEMENT] Min-height setting for the parallax section [ENHANCEMENT] Video thumbnail setting for the External Video section [ENHANCEMENT] Collection filters within the content in desktop view [ENHANCEMENT] Full screen support video for the Animated Stories section [ENHANCEMENT] Fix dropdown and megamenu dropdown in the navbar transparent mode [ENHANCEMENT] updated countdown timer option from unix to simplified [ENHANCEMENT] Show first variant image [ENHANCEMENT] image with text section image on top mobile


[FIX] Font-size settings issue in the contact form section [FIX] 3.1 the about page is not there when it was uploaded [FIX] typo on show filters on collections from "sbow" to show [FIX] testimonials image not side by side on pdp [FIX] qty is touching the atc button- single product section [FIX] product variant metafield - product displays two size charts when variants [FIX] Single product - buy buttons block - doesn't have price on atc options [FIX] Fix dropdown and megamenu dropdown in the navbar transparent mode [FIX] Offcanvas rounded style settings match other slide outs [FIX] Price within the ATC button should reflect the QTY Break change [FIX] Variant available an unavailable switch over [FIX] Swatches alignment on featured products

Version 3.1 Dec. 25th 2023

[NEW] Age Verification [NEW] Upgrade to subscription selector within the cart drawer [NEW] Collection banner section [NEW] External Video setting for the FAQ section [NEW] Gift Wrapping option in the cart [NEW] Contact form on product page under accordion [NEW] FAQ search [NEW] Transparent header [NEW] Active browser tab text dynamically change [NEW] Video support for image with cards section [NEW] Media block in PDP (Image, Mp4 Video, External video) [NEW] Option to show the price in the ATC button, only PDP form [NEW] Allow sections in the login template [NEW] Tabbed Navigation [NEW] Gift card product form should have the new recipient form [NEW] Media Grid [NEW] Cart testimonial feature [NEW] Different cart icons - global setting [NEW] Image based custom badge for products through metafield [NEW] Testimonial block in PDP [NEW] Collection menu setting in the collection template [NEW] Product Variant Metafields [NEW] Icon setting in the FAQ's section title


[ENHANCEMENT] Sticky ATC qty input field should have plus/minus buttons [ENHANCEMENT] Quantity breaks styling boxes [ENHANCEMENT] Option to disable "Login info" in the offcanvas menu [ENHANCEMENT] Purchase options still needs refactors and further adjustments [ENHANCEMENT] img_orientation setting for various sections [ENHANCEMENT] Images in the carousel section should have an adapt setting [ENHANCEMENT] concise helper text for the Color swatches setting [ENHANCEMENT] Support for the new type boolean Subscription in the collection filters [ENHANCEMENT] Replace mobile footer plus/minus with arrow icons [ENHANCEMENT] Comparison table enhancement [ENHANCEMENT] upsell on cart - horizontal or vertical styling option [ENHANCEMENT] when compared price- reflect on cart [ENHANCEMENT] Support for Okendo Reviews [ENHANCEMENT] MP4 video support for the Image With Text section [ENHANCEMENT] Support for Route protection app [ENHANCEMENT] Blog page filter enhancement [ENHANCEMENT] Icon setting in the FAQ's section title


[FIX] single product - on homepage- size chart modal [FIX] Accordion style setting in the accordion block in PDP [FIX] Dynamic buttons do not show in the Product form [FIX] Media block - when choosing no thumbnail keep the rounded if rounded styling is there [FIX] collection text white bug- on search [FIX] image with text- 1/3 option

Version 3.0 October 22nd, 2023

[NEW] Partial slide view in mobile setting in the Featured Products section [NEW] Refactor product page blocks [NEW] Timeline - section [NEW] External video - Video Slider [NEW] Animated Counters [New] Promo Section [New] Rich text with buttons [NEW] Lookbook - section [NEW] Review app integrations and styling [NEW] Product list option in empty cart state [NEW] Refactor the "Single Product" section [NEW] Purchase options improvements in PDP [NEW] Subscription selected first on purchase options [NEW] Product card - global settings [NEW] Mobile/desktop font-size settings for sections [NEW] Font-family and font-size settings for desktop and mobile menus


[ENHANCEMENT] Mega menu container should be full-width [ENHANCEMENT] Improve global theme settings [ENHANCEMENT] FAQ option to close first [ENHANCEMENT] FAQ ability to load images within tab content [ENHANCEMENT] Upgrade Bootstrap framework to v5.3 and other vendor scripts and style [ENHANCEMENT] Image with text section should have Mobile image only related settings [ENHANCEMENT] Completely refactor the "Image with Text" section [ENHANCEMENT] Twitter logo to X [ENHANCEMENT] Refactor the "Single Product" section [ENHANCEMENT] Purchase options improvements [ENHANCEMENT] Use SVG icons instead of text in the Plus/minus in qty fields [ENHANCEMENT] Accordion flush (borderless) setting for the accordion block in PDP [ENHANCEMENT] Do not show arrows in the product media gallery if few slides [ENHANCEMENT] SVG icons instead of text in the Plus/minus in qty fields [ENHANCEMENT] Styling options for the accordion block in PDP [ENHANCEMENT] 'Adapt' image orientation without cropping. [ENHANCEMENT] Purchase options improvements in PDP [ENHANCEMENT] Icon setting for the cart goal feature, shipping, gift [ENHANCEMENT] Refactor sections' header to be a snippet [ENHANCEMENT]Refactor sections' header to be a snippet [ENHANCEMENT] organize cart items elements [ENHANCEMENT] Improved Image orientation setting for the product gallery image [ENHANCEMENT] section headers were refactored [ENHANCEMENT] Lookbook points work on safari browser


[FIX] Product personalization bug wrong closed tag in select option [FIX] Carousel caption's needs a max-width setting to prevent the description text from going to wide [FIX] Carousel caption color setting [FIX] Refactor the logic for the "Prefer Dark Design". Dark design should work with color options only [FIX] Sticky video section small fixes in theme editor [FIX] Completely refactor the "Image with Text" section [FIX] Faq fancy styling color [FIX] Featured collection- when two on large screens and fluid but collection title overlaps and buggy [FIX] Small theme editor issues with the Newsletter Popup section [FIX] issue with metafields not being pulled correctly [FIX] FAQ item should open if clicked on the corresponding block - admin

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