Guest/Members Visibility v3.2

In version 3.2 of eComfify, a new feature called "Guest/Members Visibility Options" has been introduced. This feature brings a significant enhancement to the way content is displayed on your e-commerce platform.

Here's how it works:

  1. Toggle Functionality: The feature includes a toggle switch that can be turned on or off. When activated, it enables the differentiation of content visibility based on the user's login status.

  2. For Logged-In Customers: When a customer is logged into their account, they gain access to certain content that might not be available to guests. This could include exclusive deals, member-only products, personalized recommendations, or premium content.

  3. For Guests: Conversely, when the toggle is set to show specific content to guests (users not logged in), it allows the platform to display a different set of content. This could be introductory offers, sign-up incentives, or general information about the products and services offered.

Here's a breakdown of the sections where this feature is applicable:

  1. Image with Text: This section, which combines imagery and text, can be set to be visible either to all visitors or only to registered members, depending on your preference.

  2. Marquee: The marquee section, typically used for scrolling text or images, also supports this visibility feature, allowing you to tailor the viewing experience based on the user's status.

  3. Carousel: This is a sliding or rotating set of images. The visibility of these images in the carousel can be customized for guests or members.

  4. Cards with Image: These are sections where images are displayed alongside text, often in a card-like format. You can decide if these are to be shown to everyone or just to logged-in members.

  5. Parallax with Image: In this section, the parallax scrolling effect with images can be restricted or made available uniquely to certain user groups.

  6. Sticky Video: This refers to videos that remain visible on the screen as the user scrolls. You can set these videos to be visible to all or just to members.

  7. MP4: This pertains to direct MP4 video files embedded in your site. Similar to other sections, their visibility can be controlled based on the user's status.

  8. External Video: This includes videos hosted on external platforms (like YouTube or Vimeo) embedded in your site. Like the other sections, you can choose who gets to see these videos.

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