Quiz V2.2.1

A quiz feature on the Ecomify theme can be a powerful tool to engage customers and personalize their shopping experience. With a quiz, you can ask a series of questions to better understand the customer's needs and preferences, and then recommend products that are best suited for them.

The Ecomify theme allows you to create a customized quiz that aligns with your brand and products. You can choose the number of questions, the type of questions, and the results you want to display based on the customer's answers.

Once the customer completes the quiz, they will receive a list of recommended products that are tailored to their unique needs and preferences. This can improve the customer's shopping experience and increase the likelihood of a purchase, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

With the Ecomify theme, you can easily create a quiz feature that helps you understand your customers better, recommend the right products to them, and ultimately drive more sales.

The quiz adjusts its results according to user responses. However, using metafields poses an issue since we cannot retrieve metafield data in JavaScript due to the quiz's dynamic nature.

In Ecomify theme, the quiz feature is handled through a series of blocks in the Theme Editor. These blocks allow you to create the quiz questions, set up the scoring, and provide product recommendations based on the user's responses.

In the theme editor, it displays as step blocks but outside of theme editor, will display in steps before moving to the next question. Note this is not broken in the theme editor.

The first block is the "Quiz Item" block, which allows you to add a title and description for your quiz. This block is typically used to explain what the quiz is about and why it is useful for the customer.

The second block is the "Quiz Item" block, which lets you create the questions for your quiz. Each question can have multiple answers, and each answer can be assigned a score. This scoring system is used to determine which product recommendations will be displayed to the user based on their responses.

The fifth block is the "Quiz Results" block, which is used to display the product recommendations to the user based on their quiz responses. You can customize the text and images for each recommendation, and you can also choose to display the products in a grid or list format.

We offer an installation fee if you are still uncertain after watching the video or if you would like us to set up the quiz feature.

Every step must have a unique name to distinguish itself. Additionally, the available result options for each step cannot be the same.

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