Footer Settings

Our theme comes with a super-detailed footer - think of it as the ultimate toolbox at the bottom of your website's pages. It's not just any ordinary footer; it's like a Swiss Army knife that lets you do a bunch of cool things:

  1. Menus: Imagine you have a map that shows all the fun places you can explore in a park. Our footer lets you add menus, which are like signposts to different parts of your website. You can guide visitors to important pages like your shop, blog, about us page, or contact information.

  2. Write: This is like having a notepad in your footer where you can jot down important notes for your visitors. You can write messages, share updates, or provide helpful information that you want everyone to see.

  3. Logo: Adding your logo to the footer is like leaving your signature at the bottom of every page. It reminds visitors of your brand and gives your site a professional touch.

  4. A Few Other Options: Just like a toolbox has different tools for different jobs, our footer comes packed with a variety of options. You can add social media links, display your contact info, sign up forms for newsletters, and even more. It's all about giving you the flexibility to make your footer as useful and engaging as possible.

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