Header Settings

Imagine your website is like a big shopping mall. Now, the NAV bar (or navigation bar) is like the mall's directory map you see at the entrance. This NAV bar, which is also called the header sometimes, sits at the top of your website on every page, just like how a map is available at different spots in the mall. It helps visitors find where they want to go, like the toy store, the ice cream shop, or the movie theater within your website mall.

  1. Lots of Choices: Just like a mall can have many different stores, your NAV bar can have lots of options to help people find exactly what they need on your website. You can decide which "stores" (or pages) you want to show in your NAV bar, like "Home," "Shop," "About Us," or "Contact."

  2. Customizable: Imagine being able to decide what color the mall directory is or where it's placed. That's what you can do with your NAV bar! You get to choose its colors, where it sits on your page, and even how big it is so that it matches your style and makes shopping fun and easy for your visitors.

  3. Always There: No matter where you are in the mall, you can usually find one of those directory maps. Your NAV bar is the same; it's always there at the top of the page, no matter which page someone is looking at, so they can easily get to where they want to go next.

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