Custom Badges

Custom badges on the ecomify theme are a great way to highlight specific products or promotions on your website. These badges can be used to showcase sale items, new arrivals, best sellers, or any other product or category that you want to draw attention to.

They are typically displayed on the product thumbnail, making them highly visible to shoppers. These badges can be customized with different colors, text, and icons to match the design of your website and effectively communicate the message you want to convey. Additionally, it's possible to add a time limit for the badge to appear, making it a useful tool for creating a sense of urgency and driving sales.

Note- This may not work for custom colors and will not work for gradients. it will work for basic colors HOWEVER. you can use for example: New:primary

When adding colors, you can use basic colors that Shopify recognizes or the bootstrap colors

If you create a metafield, and mess up, you have to delete and start over

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