Liquid Code v2.5

Liquid code is a programming language that is used in Shopify themes to dynamically generate content for the online store. In the context of the ecomify theme, Liquid code is used extensively on the product page to create a customized layout that showcases the product in the best possible way.

The product page on the ecomify theme typically includes a product image, a product title, a product description, and a pricing section. All of these elements are generated using Liquid code, which pulls the relevant information from the Shopify store database and formats it according to the theme's design specifications.

You have the option to add before or after the product form

Examples of liquid code and how to use them:

  1. Outputting a variable - In Liquid, you can output the value of a variable using double curly braces {{ }}. For example, if you have a variable named "name" that contains the value "John", you can output it like this: {{ name }}. This will display "John" on the page.

  2. Using if statements - Liquid also allows you to use if statements to conditionally display content. For example, if you want to display a message if a variable named "age" is greater than 18, you can write it like this:

{% if age > 18 %}
  You are old enough to vote!
{% endif %}
  1. Looping through arrays - If you have an array of data, you can loop through it and display each item using Liquid. For example, if you have an array named "fruits" that contains "apple", "banana", and "orange", you can loop through it like this:

{% for fruit in fruits %}
  {{ fruit }}
{% endfor %}

This will display each fruit on a separate line, like this:


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