Media block in PDP v3.1

Enhance your product storytelling and engagement with our versatile Media Block feature on your Product Detail Page. This feature is designed to seamlessly integrate rich media content, including MP4 videos and YouTube embeds, directly into your product pages. It's an excellent tool for showcasing your products in action, providing detailed demonstrations, or sharing engaging brand stories.

  1. MP4 Video Integration:

    • Direct Uploads: Easily upload MP4 video files directly to your product page.

    • Optimized Streaming: Videos are optimized for efficient loading, ensuring a smooth viewing experience without slowing down your page.

    • Customizable Playback Options: Control autoplay, looping, and muted playback settings to match your desired user experience.

    • Responsive Design: Videos are fully responsive, ensuring compatibility and optimal display across all devices.

  2. YouTube Video Embedding:

    • Simple Embed Process: Embed YouTube videos by simply pasting the video link or the iframe code into the designated field.

    • Customizable Player Controls: Choose to show or hide player controls like play/pause buttons, progress bar, and fullscreen option.

    • No Impact on Page Load Time: YouTube embeds are designed to have minimal impact on page loading speeds, maintaining a fast and responsive user experience.

    User Experience Enhancements:

    • Thumbnail Customization: Select custom thumbnails for your videos to entice users to view.

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