Product Variant Metafields v3.1

In the latest update of Ecomify 3.1, we've introduced an exciting new feature: Product Variant Metafields. This enhancement is designed to give you more control and flexibility over the metadata associated with your product variants. Here's how it works:

  1. Creation of Metafield: When you create a metafield in Ecomify 3.1, you're essentially defining additional, custom information for your product variants. This could include unique specifications, additional descriptions, or any other relevant data that complements the product.

  2. Assigning to Products: Once you've created a metafield, you then assign it to your products. However, this is where the critical part of the process comes into play.

  3. All-or-Nothing Approach: For any given product, you must apply the metafield changes to all variants of that product – it's an all-or-nothing approach. This means you cannot selectively apply a metafield to only a few variants of a product; it has to be uniformly applied across all variants under that product.

  4. Media Files Integration: One of the great aspects of this feature is its compatibility with media files. You can attach images or videos to your metafields, providing a richer, more informative experience for your customers.

  5. Consideration of Complexity: It’s important to note that this process can be a bit tricky, especially if you have products with numerous variants. The need to update all variants simultaneously requires careful planning and execution to ensure consistency and accuracy across your product catalog.

First, start by creating the custom metafields

Then, create two metafields under the variant option

When creating the variant metafields, it's important to follow the specifications exactly as outlined. The two key metafields are:

  1. Variant Media: This should be created with the namespace custom.variant_media This metafield should allow for a file option, enabling the attachment of a list of files. It's designed to support both images and videos, providing a versatile means to associate media with product variants.

  2. Variant Description: This is to be created with the namespace custom.variant_description

Unlike the Variant Media metafield, the Variant Description metafield is meant to support rich text. This allows for more detailed and formatted descriptions, which can include various text styles and possibly links, providing a comprehensive and attractive presentation of each product variant.

Remember, adherence to these specifications is crucial for the correct functioning and integration of these metafields in your system.

Now, please make sure to go into the theme editor of ecomify 3.1 or higher and and add the two product blocks that are variant selector and variant description.

Variant description will have details already set in place.

Please do not remove this metafield name.

The Variant selector will not any thing but still need to add both in order to work

Now, it's time for you to engage in some hands-on work with the products in your system. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Access the Product Details: Navigate to the products section of your system. This is where you'll start the process of updating each product.

  2. Locate the Variants Section: In the product details, scroll down until you reach the 'Variants' section. This is a crucial area where you'll be making key updates.

  3. Edit Each Variant Individually: For every product, click into each of its variants. This step requires attention to detail as each variant might have different specifications or requirements.

  4. Fill in the New Metafields: Once you're in the editing mode for a variant, scroll down to find the two new options - the Variant Media and Variant Description metafields. You'll need to fill these in with the relevant information and media.

  5. Ensure Completeness Across All Variants: It’s important to note that every variant of the product should be updated. The product is considered incomplete if only some of the variants are updated and will result in a null bug. Each variant contributes to the whole product presentation and information.

  6. Manual Process: Be aware that this process is manual and might be time-consuming, especially if you have a large number of products and variants. There's currently no shortcut or automated way to fill these metafields, so patience and precision are key.

By meticulously updating each product variant with the appropriate media and descriptions, you'll enhance the overall presentation and information accuracy of your products.

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