Recommend Products through Search & Discovery v2.4

The Recommended Products section on the ecomify theme is a feature that displays a selection of related products on the product page. These related products are chosen based on the product being viewed, and can include items such as similar products, complementary products, or products frequently purchased together. This section allows customers to easily discover new products that may be of interest to them, and can help increase sales by promoting additional items to customers. The layout and design of the Recommended Products section can be customized to match the overall look and feel of your store.

This can include setting the number of products displayed, the layout of the products and their details, as well as customizing the text, and images. Additionally, you can set a condition to show the recommended products only when certain criteria are met. Overall, the Recommended Products section on the ecomify theme is a valuable tool for promoting additional products to customers and increasing sales.

Start by clicking on the theme editor. The section will already be there for you to design.

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