Animated Stories v2.1.0

The Instagram Stories feature on the Ecomify theme allows store owners to seamlessly showcase their content into their website. This feature displays a live feed of the store's Instagram stories on the website, providing customers with an up-to-date and engaging look at the store's products and activities. The Instagram Stories section can be easily added to the homepage or other pages on the website, and can be customized to match the store's branding and design.

This feature is a great way to increase social media engagement, drive traffic to the store's Instagram account, and provide customers with a more immersive shopping experience. With the Instagram Stories feature, store owners can bring their social media content to life and provide customers with a dynamic and interactive view of their products and brand.

Our Ecomify theme offers a seamless and fast animated stories feature, powered by a mobile-friendly faux slider. This feature operates smoothly within the browser scroll, ensuring a native experience without any unsightly scrollbars. On desktop devices, the scrollbar remains hidden as the number of items typically does not exceed 10-12, providing a clean and enjoyable user interface.

Start by clicking on the theme editor. The section will already be there for you to design.

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