Multi Block v3.2

We're thrilled to announce that Ecomify 3.2 is here, and it's bringing an exciting new feature to your online storefront - Multi-Blocks! This innovative addition is designed to transform your website's flexibility and interactivity, ensuring a richer user experience.

With Multi-Blocks, you now have the power to create dynamic, engaging content like never before. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Image Blocks: Showcase your products with high-resolution images that capture every detail.

  • Video Blocks: Engage your customers more deeply with immersive video content.

  • Image with Text: Combine captivating imagery with informative text, perfect for highlighting product features or telling your brand story.

  • Accordion Blocks: Organize information efficiently with collapsible content sections – ideal for FAQs or product details.

  • Image Compare: Let customers see the difference! This tool is perfect for before-and-after shots or demonstrating product variations.

  • Contact Form: Make it easier for customers to reach out with a built-in contact form, enhancing your service and support.

  • HTML compatibility: This compatibility offers greater flexibility in designing and structuring your online store's layout and content.

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