Parallax Image v1.0.0

A parallax image is a visual effect that occurs when the position of a background image is moved at a different speed than the position of the content in the foreground, creating a sense of depth and immersion. This effect can be used to create a dynamic and engaging user experience on a website. On the Ecomify theme, a parallax image is typically used as the background image for a banner or hero section at the top of the homepage.

The image is set to scroll at a slower speed than the rest of the page content, creating the illusion of depth and drawing the user's attention to the banner. Parallax images can be used to create a visually appealing and attention-grabbing introduction to a website, and can help to set the tone and theme for the rest of the site.

Start by clicking on the theme editor. The section will already be there for you to design.

Doesn't autoplay on mobile

Although auto-playing muted videos are compatible with several mobile devices, they may not work if the device is in low-power mode. This issue is typically triggered by the iOS battery saver mode or a slow internet connection, while in some cases, the cause is unknown, and the phone prohibits video autoplay. Our system cannot bypass this restriction; however, our code identifies this state and displays the video's play button, enabling users to watch and interact with the video at their discretion.

Where's the sound?

Although most browsers are capable of auto playing video, starting from around 2018, many of them have disabled autoplay for videos that have sound. As a result, we do not recommend including autoplay videos with sound as we do not have the option to enable them, and trying to do so independently is not advisable.

In Version 3.2 of Ecomify, we've introduced enhanced settings tailored for both mobile and desktop platforms. Please be aware that for the parallax feature to function correctly, images need to be adequately large and square-shaped

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