Min Order Threshold v3.2

In the latest update of Ecomify 3.2, we are excited to introduce a significant new feature: the Minimum Order Threshold. This innovative addition allows businesses to set a minimum order value for their customers' purchases, ensuring a more efficient and profitable sales process.

Benefits of the Minimum Order Threshold include:

  1. Increased Average Order Value: By setting a minimum spend, businesses encourage customers to add more items to their cart, effectively increasing the average order value.

  2. Improved Inventory Management: This feature helps in managing inventory more effectively by promoting the sale of more products in a single order, reducing the frequency of low-value orders.

  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: It allows businesses to offer special deals or free shipping for orders above the threshold, adding value to the customer's shopping experience.

  4. Cost-Effective Shipping and Handling: By minimizing small, frequent orders, businesses can save on shipping and handling costs, making operations more cost-effective.

This new feature is designed to be user-friendly and easily adjustable to suit different business needs, providing a versatile tool for enhancing e-commerce efficiency and customer satisfaction

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