Currency Flags

In the theme editor, you will notice that we have included a limited number of currency flags for your convenience. These flags represent some of the commonly used currencies worldwide. However, if you require additional currency flags that are not currently available, we have a solution for you.

To ensure that you can customize your theme with the specific currency flags you need, we have implemented a seamless process. In the "Assets" folder within the theme editor, you will find a section dedicated to downloading additional SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics).

Simply navigate to the "Assets" folder, and you will find a curated collection of currency flags that can be downloaded directly to your theme. These SVG files are scalable, meaning they will maintain their high-quality resolution regardless of the size you choose.

By providing this feature, we aim to offer flexibility in personalizing your theme according to your desired currency representation.


and save the SVG image into the theme's assets folder

Make sure to name the flags you want uploaded with "flag-" before uploading to the assets

We have made the decision not to load all of the flags in order to enhance the loading process. By selectively loading the necessary flags instead of loading all of them at once, we can significantly improve the overall load time and optimize the performance of our system.

This approach allows us to prioritize the essential flags, reducing the strain on system resources and ensuring a smoother user experience. Our objective is to strike a balance between functionality and efficiency, and this selective loading strategy helps us achieve that goal effectively.

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