Update Theme Settings

If you buy a theme from Ecomify, you can receive lifetime updates for that theme. Nevertheless, it's important to understand that we do not provide customer support for manually updating themes, mainly because third-party apps and customizations can make this a complex process. However, we have created the video to assist you in updating your theme yourself, or if you prefer, you can seek help from third-party experts or use an app.

Updating theme settings in Shopify refers to making changes to the customization options available within your Shopify theme. These settings allow you to modify various aspects of your store's design and functionality, such as the layout, colors, fonts, and more.

To update your theme settings, you need to log in to your Shopify store's admin panel, go to the "Online Store" section, and then select "Themes." From there, you can choose the theme you want to edit and access its settings. You can then modify the settings as desired, save your changes, and preview the updated look and feel of your store.

Please take note of our ECOMIFY CHROME EXTENSION

Update your theme settings by copying over all the necessary files from the old version to the updated version. This will include the JSON files and the settings_data file.

Update Manually

An alternative approach is to perform a manual update. This can be accomplished by incorporating the latest version into your Online store and manually transferring the custom content from the theme editor of the original theme to that of the new theme.

When a new release version of Ecomify is available, you may not necessarily have to upgrade to it right away. Instead, you could consider waiting for a few updates to be released before upgrading, as this could ensure that any initial bugs or issues are addressed.

Additionally, you could review the release notes for the new version to determine if any of the new features or improvements are relevant to your specific needs. By carefully evaluating each new release before upgrading, you can ensure that you only make changes to your e-commerce platform when it is necessary and beneficial for your business.

For example, when Apple releases a new version of their iPhone, you may not want to upgrade to it immediately. It's important to weigh the benefits of the new version against the cost and effort required to upgrade. You do not need to upgrade everytime.

If the new version only offers minor updates or features that you don't need, it may not be worth the expense or hassle of upgrading. Additionally, you could consider waiting a few months for any initial bugs or issues to be resolved before upgrading. Ultimately, the decision to upgrade should depend on your individual needs and priorities, as well as the potential benefits of the new version for your specific use case.

We kindly request that you refrain from altering or modifying the code of our Theme. Any changes made to the code can lead to unexpected errors or bugs that we cannot be held responsible for.

Furthermore, if customers do make alterations to the code, we cannot guarantee the compatibility of the modified theme with future versions or updates of our product. Therefore, we reserve the right to decline any support requests for such modified theme. The support service with Ecomify does not include updating the new versions of the theme along with new code added by the customer.

Our ecomify theme chrome extension is now live in the chrome webstore. This is to help you migrate your theme settings and changes to the updated theme when we release our updates. This ONLY works for Ecomify theme

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