Currency Selector

A currency converter is a tool that allows customers to view and compare prices in different currencies. It is commonly used on ecommerce websites to make it easier for customers from different countries to shop and make purchases.

In Ecomify theme for Shopify , a currency converter is a feature that allows customers to choose their preferred currency and see the corresponding prices in that currency. The currency converter is typically located in the header or footer of the website, and it allows customers to select from a list of available currencies. Once the customer has chosen their preferred currency, the prices of the products on the website will be automatically converted and displayed in that currency.

The currency converter feature in the Ecomify theme is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, and it can help to improve the shopping experience for customers from different countries. By making it easier for customers to understand and compare prices, the currency converter can help to increase sales and generate revenue for the store. It is an important part of the overall internationalization functionality of the Ecomify theme.

Please make sure you have the currency toggled on in the theme settings under various settings

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