1. App Integrations:

    • Issues caused by third-party apps that add functionality to your store.

    • Example: Integrating an email marketing app or a review app that requires specific code snippets.

  2. Checkout Process:

    • Customizations and issues related to the checkout process, which is typically controlled by Shopify and not the theme.

    • Example: The message you received about incompatible apps on the Thank You and Order Status pages.

  3. Payment Gateways:

    • Issues related to payment methods and gateways.

    • Example: Setting up or troubleshooting Shopify Payments, PayPal, or other payment options.

  4. Shipping and Taxes:

    • Configurations and problems related to shipping rates and tax calculations.

    • Example: Setting up different shipping zones and tax rates for different regions.

  5. Customer Accounts and Login:

    • Issues related to customer account management and login functionality.

    • Example: Troubleshooting customer login issues or customizing the customer account page (often limited by Shopify's default functionality).

  6. Store Policies:

    • Setting up and displaying policies like privacy policy, refund policy, and terms of service.

    • Example: Adding policy pages in the footer links.

  7. Inventory Management:

    • Managing products, inventory levels, and stock notifications.

    • Example: Setting up inventory tracking and low-stock alerts.

  8. SEO and Analytics:

    • Implementing SEO best practices and tracking analytics.

    • Example: Adding Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel for tracking.

Ecomify-Specific Examples

  • Theme-Related:

    • Customizing the Ecomify theme's homepage sections, such as the hero image, featured collections, or testimonials.

    • Changing the default button styles and typography settings in the Ecomify theme settings.

  • Non-Theme-Related:

    • Integrating a third-party app for upselling or cross-selling on the Ecomify product pages.

    • Troubleshooting issues with payment gateways or checkout process in the Ecomify store.

    • Message about Thank You and Order Status pages using incompatible apps: "Your Thank You and Order Status pages must be replaced. Your Thank You and Order Status pages are using incompatible apps. Replace your incompatible apps with pixels in customer events and with app blocks in the editor, then publish your changes."

This last example indicates a non-theme-related issue, as it concerns the functionality provided by third-party apps rather than the design and layout controlled by the theme.

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