Introducing the Ecomify Theme Migrations Tool by EcomGraduates™ - the ultimate solution for updating your Ecomify Theme hassle-free!
With this powerful tool, you can easily migrate your settings from the old theme to the new one, without the need to redesign your entire store.
Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming task of redesigning your store every time you want to update your Ecomify Theme.
With Ecomify Theme Migrations Tool, you can make the switch with ease and confidence, knowing that your store will continue to look and function flawlessly.
Stay ahead of the game with Ecomify Theme Migrations Tool and take your store to the next level!
To download the Ecomify Theme Migration Tool chrome extension, please click here
Attention customers, please note that our Ecomify Theme Migration Tool will only migrate JSON files and settings data files. It will not port over section files.
This only works with ecomify theme. This only works with ecomify theme from the SAME myshopify url.