Article upsell product v3.4

The Article Upsell Product feature is managed by creating a metafield through the blog. This allows you to select a specific product to be displayed and upsold directly on the blog article page.

By leveraging this metafield, you can enhance your blog content with relevant product recommendations, increasing the chances of conversion and providing a seamless shopping experience for your readers. Simply assign a product to the metafield, and it will be showcased in a prominent position on the article page, encouraging readers to explore and purchase the featured product.

This feature is a powerful way to boost sales and integrate your e-commerce offerings with your content marketing strategy.

  1. Access Custom Data in Shopify:

    • Log in to your Shopify admin.

    • In the left-hand menu, go to Settings.

  2. Create a New Metafield Under Blog Posts:

    • In the Settings menu, click on Custom Data.

    • Select Blogs from the list.

    • Click on Add definition.

  3. Define the Metafield:

    • Name: Enter Upsell Product.

    • Namespace and key: Enter custom.upsell_product.

    • Type: Choose Product.

    • Click Save to create the metafield.

  4. Assign a Product to the Metafield:

    • Go to Online Store in the left-hand menu, then click on Blog posts.

    • Select the blog post you want to add the upsell product to, or create a new blog post.

    • Scroll down to the Metafields section.

    • Click on the newly created Upsell Product metafield.

    • Choose the product you wish to display as the upsell product from the list.

    • Save the blog post.

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