Custom HTML & Custom Liquid

How to configure custom HTML

Start by adding the files listed in the installation zip that was provided when you made the purchase.

Custom HTML sections are a great way to spruce up your Shopify store! They make your store look more professional and can be used to showcase your products or services. In this Shopify tutorial, I show you how to add in custom HTML section for your Shopify store!

Custom HTML and custom Liquid are two different ways of adding custom code to a website. HTML is a markup language used for creating the structure and layout of a website, while Liquid is a template language used for processing and rendering data on a website.

HTML is used to define the basic structure and content of a web page, using a series of tags and attributes. For example, the <p> tag is used to create a paragraph element, and the src attribute is used to specify the source of an image. HTML allows you to add text, images, videos, and other types of media to a web page, as well as to define the layout and styling of the page.

Liquid, on the other hand, is a template language that is used to display dynamic content on a website. It allows you to access and manipulate data stored in a database, and to use that data to generate the HTML code that is sent to the user's web browser. Liquid provides a set of tags and filters that you can use to control the flow of data on your website and to display that data in a variety of ways.

To add this section in your theme editor, simply click on add section and start typing "eg custom-HTML"

An example of custom HTML that can be embedded into your Shopify theme are script or iframe tags

HTML section does not work with custom liquid or any code that starts with tr, br, li, ul, Code needs to start with a script or iframe

At the bottom of every section we create, you are provided padding top and bottom, margin top and bottom. padding is the space within the element.

margin is the space outside of the element.

If you need help, please review and refer to the YouTube page

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