Upsell Checkbox

How to configure upsell checkbox on the product page

Start by adding the files listed in the installation zip that was provided when you made the purchase.

To add products as an upsell checkbox, use the upsell-checkbox:product-handle tag format in the product tag that you would like to show the upsells.

For example:

to find the product url handle of any product:

  1. Go onto any product

  2. scroll down to the very bottom where you see search engine listing & click edit

  3. Then the screen will expand to display something like this

This is the product URL handle

studio-brew is the product hande

when it says in the installation zip: upsell-checkbox:product-handle it is saying to use "upsell-checkbox:studio-brew"

When making the product tags, the same product cannot be used on the product tag of the same product. The checkbox upsell has to have different product handles on different products. Studio brew product cannot have the upsell-checkbox:studio-brew product tag or it will not work.

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