Dawn PDF Invoice Generator Snippet

How to configure PDF Invoice Generator Snippet

Having an invoice generator can be smart for eCommerce because it can save time and improve accuracy when creating invoices for customers. Instead of manually creating invoices each time a customer makes a purchase, a business can use an invoice generator to quickly and easily generate professional-looking invoices with all the necessary information.

This can help reduce the risk of errors, ensure that invoices are sent to customers promptly, and help businesses keep track of their sales and revenue. Additionally, an invoice generator can help businesses streamline their billing processes and make it easier to manage their finances.

Open templates/sections/main-order.liquid and add the following code at the beginning of the file. that is provided in the rtf file when you download.

On other themes, this file can be: templates/customers/order.liquid

Adjust the settings as needed on the top of the file (check the screenshot below)

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