How to install our EG Theme Snippets

Code snippets for your Shopify theme that are easy to use, inexpensive, and of great quality. You just pay once and may use the service as long as you like without having to pay a monthly cost.

All you have to do is purchase the theme on steroids, send your Shopify URL in the field, and we will send partners to request it and do the rest!

Sit back and watch your Dawn theme turn from basic to on steroids with these features!

We will only usually need these two options toggled on:

The features include:

    • Advanced Announcement Bar

    • Custom HTML

    • Sticky Video

    • Age Verification Check

    • Scroll bar Color

    • Promo Slider

    • Upsell checkbox

    • Custom liquid

    • Swatches

    • Accordion Footer

    • Cart Slide Out

    • FAQ section

    • Parallax Media

    • Instagram Feed

    • Marquee

    • Megamenu

    • Sticky Add-To-Cart

    • Stories

    • Testimonial slider

    • Wishlist

    • Brands Slider

    • In Stock Bar

    • Animated Buttons

    • Frequently Bought Together

    • Qty Breaks

    • Testimonials

    • Animated ATC Button

    • Stock indicator

    • Super Cart Drawer ( dawn 6 and higher)

    • Before and After Slider

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