Sticky Add-To-Cart

How to Configure sticky add to cart

If you've ever scrolled through a long product page only to lose the "add to cart" button, you know how frustrating it can be. With our sticky add-to-cart feature, that frustration is a thing of the past. Now you can keep the "add to cart" button front and center no matter how far you scroll, making it easy and convenient to add your favorite products to your cart. Increasing your average order value has never been so simple!

Add Sticky Add To Cart to your Shopify theme and increase your average order value! This helpful addition displays a floating "add to cart" button, so the user doesn't have to scroll all the way down to find it. Time-saving and convenient, this is a must-have for any shop with a lot of products.

Start by adding the files listed in the installation zip that was provided when you made the purchase.

Once you have added the code, simply go into your theme editor and view the section settings.

This works on its own but you have a few settings to test with.

  1. enable on and off

  2. background color

  3. title size

  4. product image display or not display

  5. image sizing ( roughly you want to keep at 80 )

  6. show quantity selector field

  7. spacing top and bottom

This section does not work yet with selecting from the sticky add to cart, and scrolling up and reflecting the chosen variant at the top of the product page.

At the bottom of every section we create, you are provided padding top and bottom, margin top and bottom. padding is the space within the element.

margin is the space outside of the element.

If you need help, please review and refer to the YouTube page

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