Mega Menu v1.0.0

A mega menu is a drop-down menu that appears when a user hovers over a main navigation item on a website. It typically contains multiple columns of links, with subcategories and sub-subcategories arranged in a hierarchical structure.

This allows users to easily find and access the pages they are looking for, even on large and complex websites. The Mega Menu feature in the ecomify theme allows the website administrator to easily create and customize these menus, giving them the flexibility to organize their site's navigation in a way that makes sense for their specific needs.

when grabbing the link, only grab the name of the file and the file type - like the example shown above. Grab the link from the content section in your Shopify dashboard.

Start by clicking on the theme editor.

Avoid using excessively long and unusual image names Refrain from altering the image handle later in the admin section. example:

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